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Throw It Away
Pink Reason -
Throw It Away 7" EP



Pink Reason's vinyl debut from '06.

"The best record of it's ilk to ooze outta Wisconsin since Hollywood Autopsy
slithered into exile."

- Tom Lax (Siltbreeze)

warm blatz
Teen Anal Terrorist -
Warm Blatz For Teenage Runaways LP


listen here:


It's winter in the Midwest... you took a little
too much Robitussin and you're
stuck in
the basement of a funeral home wondering if that coffin's taken. At
least, them's the circumstances surrounding the recording of this epic vinyl
debut from these twisted backwood cyberpunks. Damaged, dystopian
industrial and alien funk reminiscint of Coil or Skinny Puppy.

Modra - The Line For The Men's Room

Modra -
The Line For The Men's Room LP

listen here:

Modra is snaky, dusty and luminous and not really wound up at all. This low-key outback noir comes from the blues but is as weird in relation to and as separate from the blues as Television once was, as the Birthday Party were, as Brian Crook or Richard Youngs can sometimes be. It is, foremost, guitar music played by guys who look like they should be smoking cigarettes. but aren't (it's a trick of the lip). And those drums must be coming from the land of Robbie Yeats and Kevin Shea: England. Each is Jimmy Page on the drums, minus the drumsticks -- it's all balls.

Modra: a donkey's tail enshrined in glass.

Ache For You
Pink Reason -
Ache For You b/w Darken Daze 7" 45
listen here:

Ten years in and Pink Reason is stronger than ever releasing what may
be their best single yet. Morbid, glam-damaged street rock retoolings of
classic, unknown rural Wisconsin outsider rock favorites.

Straight from the gutter.

The Floor Above - Bishop LP
The Floor Above -
Bishop LP



Bleak and blown out loner hardcore.

"Raw and hollow hardcore played with absolute fury and determination - clean guitars that are tortured more than played, and vocals that are more in line with the by product of a backwoods exorcism."

-Robert Collins (Terminal Escape)

Messrs - tape
Messrs -



Burly, primitive and psychedelic hardcore from Columbus, OH.