Overdosing In Republican World #1 zine


“I liked this fanzine a lot because it covered a bunch of subjects I am interested in that you don’t get to read about in publications that look like this very often, while still teaching me about some stuff I had never heard of (esp in the case of a reprint of an interview with Hungarian art agitators Inconnu, from an ’88 issue of this very mag, no less.) It’s always obvious when someone has chosen subject matter that they care about for interviews and write-ups, rather than cherry picking whatever boring permanently interviewed band for another snoozeville. There are interviews with Rosenkopf, write ups on 10-96 and Bobby Sox! Lots of a-ha moments, lots of wry smile-inducing commentary and sideways takes on many good records and many weird situations. Even this guys whole drugs-man vibe that I’d normally baulk at doesn’t dampen the deeply charismatic vibes that end up sort of making you want to go do acid anyway. In short, a punk fanzine made by someone who doesn’t stop there. Hope there are more of these.” – Bryony Beynon (MRR)

I must admit that what drew me to this zine was the editor’s choice to lift the cover art from John Brunner’s classic sci-fi book, And the Sheep Looked Up. I figured if anyone knows this book, then they must be alright. My assumptions seem to be correct. This was a pretty interesting read the whole way through, and I did find myself re-reading sections before I had even finished reading through the entire issue once. The story that I’ve read the most is at the beginning, “Only Theater of Pain,” which is about going to see a film by Mikhail Kalatozov. This piece is not a review, but more of a stream of thought; how the movie and the director’s work affected the viewer. The story about finding the theater is also interesting. Someone by the name of Mugtoe tells us about meeting Bobby Soxx of Bobby Soxx And The Teenage Queers, and living in the Texas in the ‘80s. Then there are articles on Babangida, 10-96, reviews, and a bunch more crammed into the forty pages. Will there be a second issue?” – Matt Average (Razorcake)


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